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Autumn flavours

Autumn, with its thousand colours, is a treat for the eyes, but also for the taste buds. "Brisolée" and "chasse" on the menu! 13-09-2019
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With the arrival of autumn, several restaurants in Nendaz have added "Spécial chasse"(game) and "brisolée"(a typical dish of the Valais based on roast chestnuts served with various accompaniments such as cheese, cold meats and autumnal fruit).

List of restaurants serving game and/or "brisolée"


7A Bar : game according to arrival - closed in November

La Cabane : game

Chant du Torrent : game - closed from 17 November to 15 December

Doïn Rodzo : game

Les Flambeaux : game

Le Grenier : game - closed from 12 October to 14 December

Le Mont-Calme : game

Le Mont-Rouge : game

Le Raccard : doe Burgundy style - closed in November

Le Verre d'Ici : "brisolée"

La Taverne de l'Alpée : game from 20 September - closed from 17 November to 6 December


Les Bisses : game from 20 September -  closed from 11 November to 13 December

Café de Planchouet : game - closed from October until next Summer

Chez Edith : game (reservation recommended)


Chalet des Alpes : game - closed from 3 November to 20 December


Le Sapin Blanc : game (only by reservation) - closed from 1 to 25 December


Les Bergers : game and "brisolée"

Chez Caroline : game the evenings of the two last weekends of the month of September - closed from 1 October to 15 November

Chez Odette : game


Beforegoing to one of these restaurants, we advise you to telephone the chosen establishment to check on the opening days and hours.

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