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Audi quattro funslope

What's a Funslope ?

With the brand-new Funslope concept, an unprecedented product has been created that offers a broad audience a nice contrast to the usual slope style downhill rides. When it comes to funslopes, the name is the game!

A funslope is a distinct area within a ski resort commonly known from snowparks or cross, but which is to be clearly distinguished thematically from these two. Technically speaking, a funslope is a hybrid between familiar grounds like slope, snowpark and cross. The track will be conducted as slope. That means that there will be two different routes at the maximum, but usually just one line, that is, one way to ride downhill through the installation. The elements of a funslope are similar to those in a beginner snowpark, such as boxes and smaller jumps. However, what makes the funslope so special are playful elements like bridges, tunnels or a “snail” that is especially popular among children. From the cross department, there are popular elements like banks (small “steep” curves) and direction changes. Should it fit the ski resort’s design, the funslope can also be artificially enhanced with ice sculptures and the like.

An important aspect concerning the guest’s riding fun is the length of the installation, whereas the width is relatively insignificant. The ideal slope gradient is quite moderate and roughly corresponds to the one of a blue piste. With prominent cubages, each funslope is a true eye-catcher within a resort. Nevertheless, the snow masses necessary for the construction of the funslope are decisively lower than those necessary for a snowpark or a cross. This is mainly because the overall installation needs to be absolutely beginner-friendly and can therefore not be built on a massive scale.


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