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Beuson - Bisse de Salins - Bisse de Baar-40995
Itinéraire - Randonnée pédestre

Beuson - Bisse de Salins - Bisse de Baar

Your walk starts in front of the chapel in Beuson. Then take the  bisse de Salins, passing via Beaupérrier, Misériez and, finally, Salins.The return to Beuson is via the bisse de Baar.

Contemplate for a few moments the little chapel of Beuson before setting off. Go straight up into the village of Beuson by the narrow road passing next to the chapel. Contunue uphill until you reach the Rue du Stade. Once again continue uphill on the little road which runs along the football pitch, then cross the main road to continue uphill to the departure of the bisse de Salins. Now you can enjoy a relaxing stroll along the water's edge towards Beaupérrier, Misériez, until you reach Salins. Note the presence of a fairly high bridge along this part of the bisse. To return to Beuson, you can follow the Bisse de Baar, which brings you back through the apricot orchards. Apart from its walking time (about 4h), this walk with its multiple landscapes and viewpoints is accessible to all without great technical difficulty.

Departure point: the yellow sign in front of the chapel in Beuson.

You can reach Beuson via post bus from Haute-Nendaz.

Duration 4h00
Ascension 440m
Descent 440m
Highest point 1134
Level Intermediate


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