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ISTA avalanche trainings

A New Approach

Despite the increasing number of backcountry recreationists, training opportunities, both in Switzerland and abroad, vary from country to country and mainly cater to advanced amateurs and professionals. ISTA’s training program is intended for the general public and is delivered by affiliated instructors and guides. The goal is not to provide extra equipment, but rather the knowledge and skills required to assess and prevent risk. “Avalanches are not a fatality. Practitioners change, habits change – risks don’t! We need a new approach”, says Dominique Perret. ISTA is innovative in that it offers a concrete, unique and unmatched response to the need for increased safety in the mountains.                                                                                      

Developed by International Experts

ISTA offers a progressive international certification. Over 40 experts spanning 9 countries and 3 continents in the areas of education, sport psychology, transfer of knowledge, nutrition, meteorology, snow science, risk management and rescue methods, as well as mountain guides and ski instructors, were involved in the development of this unprecedented project in this fast-growing and increasingly exposed sector. Two modules are currently being offered. The DISCOVERY course is a one-day introduction course delivered by ski instructors and dipl. IFMGA mountain guides.

A Global Market

Because of its universal language and standardized certification that will eventually be offered in most countries, ISTA provides its students with the opportunity to take courses in different areas of the world and to join a community of fellow enthusiasts.


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