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The Crêtes - Mont Rouge walk-41029
Itinéraire - Randonnée pédestre

The Crêtes - Mont Rouge walk

This walk is a loop from Combatseline. First go towards  Mont-Rouge, then come back via the ancien bisse de Chervé.

From Combatseline, take the track which goes up towards Crepon Blanc, following the signpost to "Balade des Crêtes". Cross the bridge under the skilift, and start walking uphill. A the top of Crepon, head towards Mont Loéré along the mountain ridge. Then, continue along the ridge towards Mont-Rouge.Beware, the passage along the ridge is aerial and technical, you must not sudffer from vertigo. At la croix du Mont-Rouge (cross), enjoy the view and come back down the path along the ridge  to the restaurant des Chottes. Then follow the ancien bisse de Chervé towards the Meina, and return to Combatseline. The return to Siviez can be done via the chairlift.

Departure point the yellow sign opposite the arrival place of the chairlift at Combatseline (Siviez).


Duration 3h30
Ascension 613m
Descent 613m
Highest point 2663
Level Difficult


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