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The Didaludic dwarfs path-32288
Itinéraire - Randonnée pédestre

The Didaludic dwarfs path

Fun & instructive trail

Discover the wildlife of the region with the help of our amusing information boards placed along the route.

This trail is located at an altitude of 1800-1900 meters, between Thyon-Les Collons and the famous "piste de l'Ours" . The walk is through a forest of spruces, firs, larch trees, etc....

The Didaludic Trail was created by the students of the Val d'Hérens secondary school of 2006-2007.

The five didactic panels along the trail are really worth taking a look at. Nicecly illustrated by the students, they are in French, German and English.

The topics covered on the didactic panels are as follows:
  • The Alpine marmot
  • The cry-cry of the zoizos
  • The bear
  • Green energies
  • The ants
Take on the challenge, answer the trail quizz and win a goody!

Halfway through the trip, at Le Gouilli d'en bas, a picnic spot on the edge of a small lake offers a relaxing moment.

From: Collons 1800, behind the old tennis court.

Distance: 4.4 Km

Duration 1h15
Ascension 169m
Descent 169m
Level Easy


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