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Tour du Val de Bagnes-19182
Itinéraire - Randonnée pédestre

Tour du Val de Bagnes

This route, suitable for all decent walkers, will immerse you in an alpine setting with a backdrop of the Combins, Vélan and Mont Blanc massifs. You'll encounter highlights like the Col des Otanes pass – the highest point of the route – and you’ll spend the night in a refuge at the foot of the Corbassière glacier.
Stage 1 / Le Châble–Verbier–Cabane du Mont-Fort (8hrs):
Leave the station in Le Châble, head up towards the post office and then continue through the village of Villette along the stream (you’ll be able to admire the old mill with its horizontal waterwheel). After crossing Le Cotterg via the Vallon du Reposoir, continue heading in the direction of Patier up to Verbier. From Verbier, head for Saint-Christophe, Le Château, the Chute du Bisse and the Marlène plateau, and keep going up until you reach a pass (col) of the same name, then take the path towards Savoleyres, La Croix de Coeur and Col des Mines. Keep going up towards the Col du Creblet and Les Attelas, then walk down to the Mont-Fort refuge.
Stage 2 / Mont Fort refuge–Mauvoisin (6.5hrs):
After a restorative night in the Cabane du Mont-Fort, head for Col Termin, passing through a landscape that both chamois and ibexes call home. You’ll find yourself in the Mont-Pleureur federal nature reserve, so please remember to respect the fauna and flora there. From Col Termin, you can walk down to the Lac de Louvie or head to the Cabane de Louvie. The journey will lead you along the hillside to the area known as “Dâ”. You'll reach the Col de Sarshlau by going crossing another little pass first. From there you can see the stunning vista that is the upper part of the Bagnes valley. Then walk down via Le Crêt, then on to Le Vasevay with its vaulted stables towards the path that will lead you to Mauvoisin.
Stage 3 / Mauvoisin–Chanrion refuge (3.5hrs):
Leave the Hôtel de Mauvoisin, walk up to the dam wall and then cross it heading towards the Giétroz glacier. Walking through the mountain pasture of the same name, cross the waters of the Lirerose glacier and you will arrive on the Tsofeiret plateau. You will need to head down the Breney glacier to get to the Cabane de Chanrion where you can rest and prepare for the next stage.
Stage 4 / Cabane Chanrion–Cabane FXB Panossière (7hrs):
Head off from the Chanrion refuge early in the morning in the direction of Le Lancet. Then walk over the Tsessette plateau (a chamois reserve), and on through Pierre-à-Vire, which overlooks Mauvoisin, before heading up to the Col des Otanes opposite the majestic Combins massif. From this pass, the highest point in the tour, walk down to the Cabane FXB Panossière where you can recover and grab a bite to eat.
Stage 5 / Cabane FXB Panossière–Le Châble (8hrs):
From the refuge, walk across the glacier towards the Col des Avouillons. Once you arrive at the summit of the Col des Avouillons, walk down over the Sery pasture to reach the Cabane Brunet. Once you’ve followed the small path to the end, head towards La Treutse then continue to the Combe de Servey then the Combe de Mille and the Cabane de Mille. Head over the Col de Mille, follow the undulating path, until the path goes down steeper and steeper, then walk on to Le Larzay, La Dzeu des Fontânes and Moay. Finally, head to Le Mayentzet and Les Mayens du Châble, walk down into Le Châble and the circuit is complete.

Tour du Val de Bagnes-19182
Duration 33h00
Ascension 6388 m
Descent 6388 m
Highest point 2864
Level Intermediate

Start Le Châble VS
End Le Châble VS


Walk praticable from mid-june to late octobre.
On reserve of modification according to weather conditions.
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