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In the 4 Vallées, engage in sport, go on an adventure, and experience new sensations throughout the winter.

Sportspeople, escape into a dream world!

On foot, with a hiker’s pass, take advantage of the lifts to reach the 4 Vallées’ snow peaks. With snowshoes, follow one of the many itineraries. In the footsteps of hunters, discover the secret life of the winter world inside the 4 Vallées.

Using cross country skis, slide along the Nordic areas specially prepared for you.

Adventurers, get ready for new experiences

On Sledges, set off for kilometres of adrenalin rushes (10 kilometre track between Savoleyres – La Tzoumaz and 3 kilometres between Tortin and Siviez)

Behind a dog-sleigh, relive the conquest of the far North (Thyon and Verbier).

In the air, on a paraglider, soar to new heights and gaze at the panorama from high up.

At nightfall, extend the joys of skiing on the floodlit slope of the Matze (Thyon) or in the moonlight (Nendaz).

Inquisitive, try out new sensations

Swap your ski poles for a golf club. On the plateau of Tortin (Nendaz), three courses of 100, 110 or 130 metres let you to practise your swing. The only difference with traditional golf is that the «greens» are «whites». Follow the trend, become a snow-golfer.