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4 Vallées: an annual pass for all budgets


The three ski lift companies in the 4 Vallées have launched two promotional offers for annual passes, with the aim of allowing the maximum number of people to enjoy snow sports from November to the end of April and the discover the joys of hiking and mountain biking in summer.



Mont4Card: youth first

Acknowledging the need to promote snow sports to the younger generation, the 4 Vallées lift companies are offering amateur snow sport enthusiasts under 25 years old* the “Mont4Card”: an annual pass for the exceptional price of CHF 400 (normal price: CHF 1,402 for a young adult and CHF 825 for a child). As well as the skiing, young people can also use the 4 Vallées lift infrastructure in summer to make the most of the renowned bike park and the hundreds of kilometres of hiking and mountain biking trails.

So families don’t feel left out, “Mont4Card” can also be used with the “tribu” group reduction so other family members can get a discount of 10%. The price of “Mont4Card”, when used with the card, stays the same, at CHF 400.

This offer is for a limited time only and will only be available from Tuesday, 4 July to Thursday, 30 November 2017. The 4 Vallées lift companies see this as a long-term investment.


More infos:




Referrals: a way to keep existing customers loyal and attract new ones

The 4 Vallées has developed a programme whereby customers with a 2015-2016 OR 2016–2017 season or annual pass can get a 40% discount on a 2017–2018 4 Vallées pass, if they refer a new customer.
The adult price for this pass is CHF 989 (previously CHF 1,649). A 40% discount on the public price of a 4 Vallées annual pass* is available to the newly referred customer.


To open up the referral system to everyone, there is a new Facebook group “Foire aux parrains 4V”.


*In order to be able to refer new customers, a customer must have had a 2015-2016 OR 2016–2017 pass for one of the 4 Vallées domains and can only recommend another customer for a pass that is the same as their pass, or for a wider area.

To be eligible, the newly referred customer must not have held a season or annual pass (for any sector) for the 2015–  2016 and/or 2016–2017 seasons.

Both parties must buy their pass from the same lift company. A client may refer any number of new customers, although the discount will stay the same regardless of the number of referrals.


Here are the possibilities: