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Ski or refund: insure yourself and insure your ski-pass

Ski-passes are in no case refundable.

We strongly advise you to take out an insurance when your purchase your passes, so that both you and your ski-pass are covered in case of accident, you are prevented from skiing, or if the ski-area is closed due to stormy weather…

Insurance + (CHF 5.- /day  or CHF 98.- / season)

Refunds in case of lost ski days:

  • Refund of the ski-pass
  • Refund of ski lessons
  • Refund of  rental of skis and equipment

In addition to your regular insurance and in case of an accident on the slopes during opening hours, you are entitled to the following services:

  • First aid and rescue on the slopes
  • Transport by helicopter / ambulance
  • Emergency medical fees
  • Repatriation on medical grounds
  • Legal aid

Ski Pass Insurance (CHF 3.- / day or CHF 63.- / season)

The Ski Pass Insurance only covers the refund of your ski-pass (from 4 days).